About Us

About Us

Our Story

Hello there! I'm Goran, and I'm fortunate enough to call the beautiful town of Omiš, Croatia my home. Nestled by the sea, with a sandy beach and the magnificent Cetina River flowing beneath the watchful eye of the mountain, I truly live in paradise. Water sports have been an integral part of my life, and I've been immersed in activities like rafting, swimming, and hiking for as long as I can remember. However, rafting holds a special place in my heart since 2001 when it became my true passion. Over the years, I've had the privilege of experiencing rafting both as a guide and as an athlete, and the thrill never ceases to amaze me. With a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Cetina River, organizing safe yet exhilarating excursions has become second nature to me. I take pride in ensuring that each adventure is not only adventurous but also conducted with the utmost safety in mind.

Our Mission

Being an avid nature lover, I made a conscious decision to pursue a profession that allows me to work in a natural environment. The Cetina River, with its awe-inspiring beauty, has become my office. It's where I thrive, where I feel most alive, and where I can share my love for this enchanting place with visitors like you. Join me on this unforgettable rafting adventure, and together we'll create memories that will last a lifetime. Safety is my priority, but I also guarantee a dynamic and fun-filled excursion that will leave you breathless. Let's embark on this journey and discover the true magic of the Cetina River. So, pack your sense of adventure, bring your enthusiasm, and get ready for an experience you won't soon forget. I can't wait to meet you and make your rafting excursion safe, exciting, and above all, unforgettable!

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